Profile and Attraction Study

Name of study: Profiles and Attractiveness
IRB Number: 00203204
PI Name: Professor Jeremy Birnholtz
Study Person of Contact: Colin Fitzpatrick,
Location: Social Media Lab, Frances Searle 2-115 (north side of campus, near SPAC)
Study Description: Participants will come in person to the Social Media Lab to complete a study lasting ~20 mins and will be paid $10 cash for their time. The purpose of this study is to investigate the possible relationship between pieces of information about someone and interest in interacting with them. The study uses a custom iPad application with a interface similar to Tinder – participants are shown brief profiles of people and must decide if they would want to interact with him or her by swiping left or right. After the task, participants complete a brief survey. Note: the iPad app requires logging in through Facebook for the study to run.
Eligibility: Participants must meet each of the following six eligibility requirements:

  1. Male
  2. 18 years of age or older
  3. Self-identified as straight/heterosexual
  4. Current Northwestern undergrad students
  5. Currently single/not in a relationship
  6. Facebook users
Scheduling: If you meet all of the eligibility requirements above and have no further questions, you may schedule an appointment through the Study Appointment Calendar
Questions: Contact Colin at